Frequently Asked Questions

The Ecosystem
The Hub
Peripherals, Consumables, and Accessories
Common Do's and Don'ts

The Ecosystem

The Uniqueness of the ecosystem balances the complexity of the operations of medical devices. Procedures are intelligently simplified, standard operating methods help in minimising the possibility of human errors and at the same time making the whole experience easy for anyone to join, take benefit and also contribute to the ecosystem. The HealthCubed ecosystem consists of following four integral parts.

  • The Hub-A portable battery-operated instrument that can acquire multiple health parameters through the performance of diagnostic tests on an individual.
  • EZ Dx-A mobile device application to control the operations of the Hub, visualize the results and communicate the results to a secure web-based data repository
  • HC Data Doc-Data visualization and analysis tool on a dedicated secure portal for remote monitoring and electronic records review.
  • HC Assure-Ground level implementation package including training, support and quality overview

HealthCube applications are numerous and being discovered by the day. Medical establishments, Corporate wellness, Corporate Social Responsibility, Health Camps, Data Analytics, Insurance, Human Resource Recruitment, Security forces, Social Entrepreneurship etc. are some of the areas we are actively exploring.

Yes. The HC Assure team will train the user as per requirement.

If you know how to read, write and use a smartphone you will be able to use HealthCube comfortably.

HealthCube takes great pride in supporting entrepreneurs. We will provide end to end solutions customized for entrepreneurs.

Yes, You may connect a printer to the android device and take prints as you may like.

HC Data Doc portal hosts all your tests data securely planed in your logged in section.

No. HealthCube results help in faster decision making and all results are to be read further examined as per doctors discretion only.

The Hub

HealthCube is a health diagnostics portable instrument that can conduct several tests with the help of an android based application. Results are generated instantly and saved electronically. It helps in deciding the direction of further laboratory tests and medical examinations.

Different models of HealthCube has different pricing. Please email us at

You can subscribe to our Youtube channel to see how to use HealthCube. If you would like to arrange a visit or a call you can either email us at or simply Book a demo.

There are many features that differentiate it from other devices. The primary reasons are as follows:

  • Simplicity-Designed to be operated easily through an icon driven approach that leverages the tools of modern mobile telephony. Training and Standard operational procedures help in minimizing the possibility of human error.
  • Integrated -Multiple diagnostic tests can be conducted and tracked by the HealthCube. Information on Infectious, non-communicable diseases, and body vital measurements can be integrated to provide a holistic picture of the patient’s wellness.
  • Portable-The Hub has a low foot-print. The device along with its consumables and accessories fits in a small carry bag such as backpack. The battery based device helps in conducting tests in remote areas, door to door screenings and also home care segment.

Yes, It weighs only 1.1 Kgs (Gen 1.0 2.2 Kgs) and works even without electricity and internet.

To use HealthCube effectively you will need following:

  • Desired HealthCube model suitable for the tests you want to conduct
  • All required peripherals for the desired test like blood pressure cuff to take blood pressure measurements.
  • Charged HealthCube instrument (Gen 1.0) or external power bank Gen 2.0
  • Required consumable as per the desired test like Blood Glucose strips for Blood Glucose (Sugar) test
  • Android device with latest HealthCube application
  • OTG cable for Non-Bluetooth models

HealthCube SE 2.0 and HealthCube Pro 2.0 are second generation models of The Hub. They differ in different test set offered, design and features. For more detail please feel free to email us at


Only blood and urine samples are required to conduct tests and blood samples are taken with the help of lancet finger prick method.

The different test requires different units. However, mostly they range from 1-3 blood drops only.

All tests done by HealthCube are classified into three categories:

    • Probe-based tests like Blood pressure, Pulse Oximetry, Body Temperature
    • Strip-based tests like Blood Glucose, Blood Uric Acid, Blood Cholesterol, Blood Haemoglobin, Urine test
    • Rapid Diagnostics tests like Dengue, Malaria, Typhoid, Troponin I, Pregnancy


Yes, we aim to integrate more and more advanced tests in HealthCube and ensuring easier procedures. Our Research and development teams are constantly working towards enlarging the kitty further.

Peripherals, Consumables, and Accessories

You may please call us at our helpline number or email us with a list of your requirements and we will contact you and ship it to you at the earliest.

No. We highly recommend using accessories and consumables provided by HealthCubed only. Using any other accessory or consumable may damage the instrument permanently and or give unsolicited results.


For Non-Bluetooth model please do the following

  • Please check if the cable you are using to connect to the tablet is OTG cable and not the tablet charging cable
  • Please check if both ends of the cable are inserted properly in the tablet and HealthCube
  • Try to relaunch the application and then try to reconnect with the cable

For Bluetooth models please do the following

  • Please turn off and then turn on your android device Bluetooth and then try to reconnect with HealthCube
  • If it does not work turn off and then turn on HealthCube and reestablish connection with your Android device
  • In very rare cases you may have to unpair HealthCube with the android device and then connect it with HealthCube

OTG cable is USB On-The-Go cable and it is different from usual mobile device charging cable. OTG cable provided with HealthCube is specially designed to conduct tests with HealthCube.

Please order a new OTG cable from HealthCube for best results. OTG cable provided with HealthCube is specially designed for the purpose and any other cable may not be suitable to conduct tests.

We strongly recommend not to try to attempt it in any case. Call or Email us as soon as you encounter any damage.

  • Always use a reputed antivirus, your device can be infected
  • Please check if your device has enough available memory
  • Try reinstalling the application but ensure that you sync your application beforehand

We always insist on using HealthCube with utmost care. However, repair and damages are sometimes unavoidable. We request you to email us at with complete details, pictures, videos and someone from customer care will contact you.

Immediately stop using the instrument and disconnect all connections with it. Call or email at as soon as possible for proper resolution.

Always keep it away from moisture, damp and high humid conditions. Keep it in clean, hygienic condition at room temperature.

Please check if you are following all the prescribed steps. If you still face problem do call or email us at

Common Dos and Don'ts

    1. No matter how well you know the drill follow all the steps as per training provided
    1. Avoid being lazy and always use gloves while conducting tests
    1. Sitting positions are very important for accurate results, for accurate results ensure correct posture
    1. Repeat the test in-case you disagree with the results
    1. Ensure all consumables are kept in advised storage conditions for best results
    1. Always keep the tablet connected to the internet for seamless experience
    1. Always update the application with the latest version
    1. Maintain utmost level of hygiene
    1. Keep the bag and other accessories and consumables systematically arranged for faster execution
    1. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not allow children to access HealthCube, its accessories or its consumables under any circumstances
    1. Never expose the HealthCube to direct sunlight
    1. Never keep the consumables in moist damp places
    1. Do not share your login credentials with anyone
    1. Do not share the diagnostic results with anyone except with the patient and or his guardians
    1. Do not enter incomplete or incorrect data while registering the patients
    1. Do not suggest your diagnosis and result interpretations to the patients
    1. Do not prescribe any drug or procedures
    1. Never attempt to open and attempt to repair HealthCube it can damage the unit permanently. Only trained technicians are equipped to do this
    1. Do not expose the instrument, accessories and its consumables to dust, water, excessive heat etc
    1. Never use any consumable, accessory other than provided by HealthCubed. It can permanently damage the instrument and or give unsolicited results.
    1. Inserting the probes, stips etc in unauthorized slots can cause damage.
    1. Humid, high or very low temperature and inappropriate storage conditions can affect result accuracy.
    1. Charging HealthCube in wet surrounding might cause electric shock or short-circuiting or corrosion of electronic circuits, resulting in fire or fault.
    1. Strong impact on the instrument or using it while its covered might cause a rupture, overheating, fire, leakage or a fault.
    1. Consult with authorized medical staff and the instructions of the medical device manufacturer before using the HealthCube near an implanted pacemaker, implanted cardioverter-defibrillator.