HealthCube in Action

HealthCube implementation with BRAC in Bangladesh

HC Assure team organised training workshops at BRAC for Shasthya Kormi and Shasthya Sebikas. HealthCubed is providing instruments to BRAC for health screening of Rohingya migrants from Myanmar to address any potential health situation proactively.

Jayashankar district Telangana implementation

HealthCube instruments were installed in five Primary Health Centers and Community Health Centers in Jayasankar district of Telangana. These units are placed in tribal and rural areas to provide quick diagnostics and subsequent corrective medical attention and care.

HealthCube Implimentation and training at Sirsa (Haryana)

HealthCube launched in Mahbubnagar and Karimnagar district (Telangana)

HealthCube instruments were launched at Mahbubnagar and Karimnagar in the month of August 2017. Instruments were provided to frontline health workers at Government health centers. The project is being sponsored by Idea Cellular Ltd. and HealthCubed provided end to end implementation, instrument, consumables, training, support, online monitoring etc.

Social Entrepreneurship model launched in Nuh Haryana

A sustainable model jointly conceived by Idea Cellular Ltd. and HealthCubed India. Individuals are trained to use the instrument and join HealthCubed ecosystem. They earn by conducting diagnostics tests and provide instrument generated results. Being a portable instrument entrepreneurs are able to work from a range of locations for instance door to door services, from Common service centers and even from a next-door grocery store. The model is Up-skilling, Serving and helping entrepreneurs earn simultaneously.

Mother and Childcare in Bhagalpur Bihar

A custom made application of MNCH register used by ANMs (Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery) is designed and integrated for ANC diagnostics and communication. The project was launched by district collector at Bhagalpur Bihar and implemented in nearby Anganwadis in association with The Nand & Jeet Khemkha Foundation under AIPAD programme.

Migrant Labour preventive health camp

A project aimed at preventive health diagnostics and proactive corrective actions is being implemented by NRHM Kerala at Ernakulam. A team of doctors and health workers organize camps at construction sites, labor residential areas etc and conduct health screenings on weekly basis. Positive cases of Dengue, Hepatitis were diagnosed proactively and patients could get immediate treatment at government hospitals. Data generated by these camps are analyzed by NRHM to initiate preventive actions.

International Women’s Day camp

A health camp focused on women health was organized by HealthCubed India at Delhi office. Doctors from Jamia Hamdard University along with trained health workers conducted screenings, doctor’s consultation and also prescribed corrective nutrition.

Diagnostic support to Jamia Hamdard University RHTC clinic

HealthCubed provided diagnostic support for events organized by Jamia Hamdard RHTC clinic at Madanpur Khadhar. Test like Haemoglobin, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure was conducted along with and doctor’s consultation.

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