Prof Ramanan Laxminarayan

Founder & Chairman

Prof Ramanan is an international healthcare expert with a special focus on antimicrobial resistance. He heads Centre for Disease Dynamics & Policy, a thinktank organization advising various governments on healthcare policy. HealthCubed is his brainchild. His dream is to provide healthcare access to 4B+ people living in rural areas in developing economies.


Board of Directors

Dr James R Doty is an American neurosurgeon, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He has served the US Army Medical Department for 9 years, attaining the rank of Major. He introduced Cyberknife as a technology in radiation therapy through Accuray, a company he invested in. He had a successful entrepreneurial stint during the dotcom heyday, acting as an angel investor. Currently, Dr Doty is a consultant and advisor to medical technology and device companies and a variety of venture capital firms. As a philanthropist, he has given support to a number of charitable organizations. He has also set up health clinics across the world through his donation to Global Healing.

Vivek Wadhwa

Board of Directors

Vivek Wadhwa is an American technology entrepreneur and academic. He is an Adjunct Professor at Carnegie Mellon School of Engineering and a Distinguished Fellow at Harvard Law School. He advises the Malaysian government on innovation, science, and technology. He also advises the Russian government on their innovation ecosystem. He is the author of several books and a highly sought-after speaker.

Dr Sridhar Ramanathan

President & CTO

Dr Sridhar is an expert in Analytical Chemistry and the in-vitro diagnostic space, having set up development centres for multinational companies like GE and Beckman Coulter. He brings with him the success of having grown a startup to scale and its subsequent acquisition. He drives product development, supply chain, and go-to-market strategies.

R S Venkataraman

Chief Operating Officer

Venkat is a seasoned finance professional. At HealthCube, he drives our engagement with the investors and looks at new investment proposals. He establishes, coordinates, and administers, as an integral part of management, an adequate structure for the delivery of effective and efficient administrative operations.

Prashant Arukia

Head – Implementation

Prashant and his team drive customer engagement and ensure our solution is leveraged to its optimum capacity. He imparts training to customers onsite. He understands and manages evolving client expectations and executes timely communications. He helps implement and track key metrics to analyze performance relative to customer service.

Varun Rana

Product Manager

Varun leads our product development team on hardware design and software solutions. He works with various stakeholders across product design and software to develop cutting-edge solutions for our platform. He supports installation and evaluation of multi-diagnostic software suites.

H P Chandrakumar

Project Manager – Reagent Integration

Chandru, as he is popularly known, drives our engagement in developing reagent solutions to supplement our hardware capabilities. He qualifies and evaluates different vendors in identifying reagent solutions optimized for our platform. He participates actively in the lead and qualification of suppliers for reagents towards ISO 13485.

Dharminder Singh

Lead – Product Design and Realization

Dharminder leads our manufacturing ecosystem in drawing production plans, inventory management, and supplier qualification. He collaborates with our design teams and manufacturing partners to deliver the best product in the shortest possible time.

Atul Garg

Assistant Manager – Inventory & Supply Chain

Atul is our go-to man, who executes our customer orders. He manages our supply chain, logistics, and delivery to customers. He monitors and maintains current inventory levels, processes purchasing orders as required, tracks orders, and investigates problems.

Sameera Pingali

Manager – HR & Business processes

Sameera manages our HR functions and drives processes towards customer order fulfillment. She organizes and manages the Business Development Office along with providing recruitment help for various positions.

Varun Trivedi

Head - Quality and Regulatory

Varun and his team work seamlessly across functions to ensure that we comply with quality & regulatory processes. He and his team work towards getting various accreditations for our organization. He assures consistent quality of production by developing and enforcing good automated manufacturing practice (GAMP) systems.

Priyanka BR

Lead - Quality and Regulatory Engineer

With more than 7 years of experience, Priyanka helps us in developing and implementing QMS processes. She is experienced in ISO 13485 and CE requirements and helps in meeting the requirements. She is an active team player and plays an important role in cross-functional activities.

Nishant Gupta

Lead – IT and Data Management

Nishant manages our back-end analytics platform on the cloud. He supports our implementation team to facilitate customer access to our solutions. He translates designs and wireframes into high-quality code.

S Karthick

Manufacturing Manager

Karthick brings a wealth of experience in manufacturing across different domains. At HealthCube, he drives the mandate to stabilize manufacturing operations, ramp up production, and eventually drive end-to-end manufacturing.